Fun Facts About You:
1. Chris is an avid New York Mets and New York Jets fan, and really enjoys taking his family to sporting events—whether it’s ice hockey, basketball, football or baseball.
2. Chris enjoys traveling with his family, and has a goal of getting his passport stamped as many times as possible. His favorite vacation spots are Martha’s Vineyard, Florida and the Carribean.

Community Involvement:
Chris has three daughters—and is involved in each of their extracurricular activities, while volunteering at his church on a regular basis. He enjoys coaching softball, field hockey and teaching music to those that play various instruments.

Personal Quote:
“I love jet noise.”


Chris has been in the mortgage industry for 10 years, spending 20 years in radio and television broadcasting prior to that. As a mortgage banker, Chris started his career with a Wells Fargo Home Mortgage affiliate before joining Fairway Independent Mortgage. He takes great pride in assisting people realize the ‘American Dream’ of owning a home, and is especially sensitive to those who are serving our country in the military, the police, fire and EMS personnel who go to work every day to make his community a better place to live.
Chris was born and raised in Hampton Roads, so he knows the importance of being home to ‘the largest naval installation in the world.’ He also recognizes the importance of being connected to each and every transaction he’s involved in—whether a first time home buyer, or someone refinancing their home.