• Reviews for Alex Mavroulis

    Charles B

    October 10,2019

    Alex kept me informed all along the way. He was available and very knowledgeable of all aspects. I felt like he would do everything possible and not give up.

  • Alexander E

    October 9,2019

    Alex was amazing from start to finish. The line of communication was open. We were able to close in just 14 days. I attribute this quick turn around time to the dedication and hard work of Alex and his team!

  • steve05485

    October 9,2019

    I spoke to Alex after initiating the loan process with another lender. I am very happy I switched to Alex. He kept my fees and rate low while also providing excellent, personal service. Alex was very responsive to all of my correspondences, even when I didn't expect a reply until the next day. He made it seem like I was his only client. He helped me make sure that all of the necessary documents were submitted promptly and my loan was ready well before my settlement. Though it can be tough to get a loan when one is self-employed, Alex helped me navigate the process with ease.

  • Susan B

    October 5,2019

    Alex was easy to work with

  • Steven R

    October 1,2019

    Alex is extremely knowledgable regarding the home loan process. His experience gave me peace-of-mind that each detail of the complicated process was considered and managed to provide the best outcome for my loan and home-buying experience.

  • Nicole S

    September 12,2019

    Working with Alex was a blessing! Alex was (and currently is) always responsive to our questions and concerns. He provided step-by-step details of the loan process and kept us in the loop of any changes to our loan; which was important to us as we are first time home-buyers and didnt really know what to expect. Highly recommend Alex if you decide to work with Fairway Mortgage.

  • Nicole S

    September 11,2019

    Alex was very quick and responsive to my concerns and questions. Alex helped us with our first home and was always available if we had any additional questions. The process went smoothly and quickly. Highly recommend.

  • Wayne S

    August 19,2019

    Alex was always available, that may seem as a little thing, but to us, in the process that we were going through, his availability was critical to us been successful. He was very professional, courteous, willing to listen and offer constructive feedback when necessary. In each stage of the process he was very meticulous, making sure that, every information was thoroughly examined. He was a joy to work with.

  • Matthew L

    August 7,2019

    Thanks for the help

  • Darren R

    August 2,2019

    I had an excellent experience working with Alex. From the very beginning I knew I was in great hands. His customer service is exactly how I want to be treated. He answered all of my questions and explained everything to me step by step. Not once did I feel frustrated. His response time was immediate and if he was working with other customers he would let me know and got back to me immediately . I will refer my friends and family

  • dreeves228

    August 2,2019

    Exceptional Service!! No stress, he answered all of my questions and explained everything to me that I didn't understand. I highly recommend Fairway Independent Corp with Alex as my agent.

  • James S

    July 30,2019

    Alex got me a rate that beat competitors and was responsive at all times, weekends and nights

  • yanni

    July 17,2019

    I shopped around 4 lenders and I should of just saved the time and went with Alex from the beginning the rate I got was the lowest and the customer service is what really impressed me. He was always there to answer my questions regardless of how many times I called him and being a first time homebuyer I had a lot of them.

  • Min G

    June 4,2019

    Alex was very patient and helpful for my home loan processed. At beginning we were shopping two mortgager lenders, Alex was one of them. The reason why I decided go with him was been so patient with our Figures and explain line by line with all the fees , also he try his best to give us best rate that he can to reduce monthly payment, we were very impressive his intensity and very responsible for his customers. We would like to say thank you very much Alex, that was a very smooth transaction.

  • Mahammed H

    May 29,2019

    I like his service.He is a great man.

  • Evan K

    May 14,2019

    Alex is a true professional when it comes to the mortgage process for homebuyers. Since this was a very new experience for my wife and I, he did a fantastic job from the first time we spoke to the closing day. He is a pleasure to work with and fantastic asset to your company. I would reccomend him any day of the week. Most mortgage people that I have met through the years just want your deal to close and make their money and move on. Alex is far from that and cares about the indvidual/family.

  • s1085

    April 27,2019

    Simple exquisite in the art of lending. A true master of his trade. No better man to need, then a man as righteous as he. That’s a guarantee. 10/10 would would purchase through him again.

  • Salvador M

    April 22,2019

    Yes everything was great and I am happy with my house. I do recommend Alex and Manuel To anyone who is looking to buy their new home they are a great team congratulation guys

  • sepvictoria2989

    April 11,2019

    We meet Alex thru our realtor all I can say is hands down to his patient with us we saw almost close to 50+ houses and every time we like to run down the numbers for that house Alex is very responsive and honest. As a first time home buyer Alex give us a complete instructions and how to's. So we highly recommend Alex

  • Idan T

    March 6,2019

    Alex is very communicative and on top of things. Did a great job making out finance happened. Great to work with

  • jonathan h

    January 30,2019

    Smooth sailing with Alex Mavroulis! This Man seemingly works non-stop. Very responsive to emails and calls. We never had a problem getting a hold of him even during the busy holiday season. Impressive all around.

  • Emmanouil G

    January 15,2019

    From the beginning of the home buying process, Alex was very helpful. He communicated with me frequently to ensure that my first home purchase would run as smooth as possible. I will definitely work with him again in the future!

  • giorgakism

    January 15,2019

    From the moment Alex was told I was buying a house, he called me and assured me he would be by my side throughout the entire process. He communicated with me often informing me of deadlines and the next steps I had to take. Overall, he made the home buying process very easy, understandable, and most of all, made me feel comfortable along the way. I will definitely be working with Alex again in the future for my home buying needs!

  • Donald L

    January 4,2019

    Direct and to the point!

  • Jonathan H

    January 1,2019

    Smooth sailing with Alex. This Man seeminly works non-stop. Very responsive to emails and calls. We never had a problem getting ahold of him even during the busy holiday season. Impressive all around.

  • Anthony W

    December 31,2018

    He made the whole process easy

  • jgieron1

    September 28,2018

    Alex is great, professional, helpful and very patient. Always answers your questions and also the ones you don’t know to ask even on weekends. My friend recommended him and I will as well. Thanks! To him and his team for the hard work and time.

  • firsttimebuyer

    September 27,2018

    Alex helped us with the mortgage for our first ever home. Buying a home can be stressful, but Alex made it extremely easy and stress free. He explained everything to us thoroughly in a very easy to understand format. He was very kind and understanding of our needs and long term goals, and provided us with options that helped us save a lot of money. He was there for us every step of the way and made sure that we had all of the information we need to make a well informed decision. Should we ever have a need for mortgage services again in the future, I won't hesitate to call Alex.

  • chrisrichardsons2k

    September 24,2018

    My wife and I worked with Alex to buy our first home just months before our wedding. We had always heard how stressful the home-buying process was, but Alex made it so easy, the stressful part just never came. There was never a time he couldn’t answer a question for us and was available whenever we reached out, weekends, mornings, nights. Highly recommend!

  • Jennifer G

    September 20,2018

    What made this experience great was Alex. He made the whole process seamless and was there for you with answers to your questions, even the ones you didn’t know to ask. Alex was amazing and was recommended by a friend and I was totally satisfied. I definitely recommend him and his team. Thank you so much for your work and time!

  • Aaron T

    September 12,2018

    I want to say that Alex is a great guy to work with.. He was very patient with us my wife and I as we made our decisions. Alex showed us that he cared about what we wanted and he was not trying to rush us to getting something that we really did not want. And last of all Alex was patient with us. When we were not sure about what we want ed, We paused a few days to decide what it was we really wanted. And he did not rush us. We really truly appreciate the qualities that he has in him as manager

  • jwr1195

    September 7,2018

    Alex is the best. Use him. He is very helpful and is supportive through the whole process. Quickly responds to all request. Process was easy and stress free.

  • Nicholas F

    September 5,2018

    As a first time home buyer, Alex made the entire process as smooth and stress free as possible. I feel incredibly fortunate to have worked with him. I have my dream home and Alex made that possible.

  • Jennifer E

    August 28,2018

    Alex is the best! He was incredibly kind and helpful through the entire loan process. He was always available via email, phone and text, even on a Sunday morning! I had tons of questions that he broke down for me to make sure I fully understood, and went above and beyond to make sure everything was in order so I could get to settlement on time. Thanks, Alex!

  • Stavros H

    August 28,2018

    Alex was always very responsive and extremely knowledgeable about the home buying process. I was a first time home buyer with a very rudimentary understanding of exactly what needed to be done, but Alex explained everything and made sure we closed on my dream home quickly.

  • Natalie A

    August 23,2018

    Alex worked with me on my 4th home purchase and he was by the far the most professional and knowledgeable loan officer I have worked with. He kept me in the loop throughout the entire process and quickly worked through any hiccups along the way. I felt at ease knowing he would find a solution. Sometimes he stepped in and filled the responsibilities that my agent was supposed to be handling, just to expedite the process. I know he has a busy schedule but always made time for me, even on vacation!! I would highly recommend him to anyone!!

  • Stavros H

    August 16,2018

    Alex was always very responsive and extremely knowledgeable about the home buying process. I was a first time home buyer with a very rudimentary understanding of exactly what needed to be done, but Alex explained everything and made sure we closed on my dream home quickly.

  • Matthew S

    July 19,2018

    As a first-time home buyer, I really appreciated Alex's patience and willingness to walk me through the process and make sure I always understood what the next step was. He put in a lot of effort to help with every aspect of my mortgage, from the financing itself to getting quotes for homeowners insurance and everything in between. I would have no problem recommending Alex to anyone looking for a mortgage and I appreciate all of the ways he helped me purchase my very first home.

  • Christopher M

    June 26,2018

    Alex was very friendly, answered all of our questions timely fashion, and was helpful with making sure that we were on track throughout the process.

  • Jennifer P

    June 25,2018

    Alex was great to work with from the start. Super informative, and provided a lot of educational insight so I fully grasped every aspect of the transaction process. Alex was extremely accommodating and given I had a lot of questions as I was a first time homebuyer he was extremely responsive throughout the whole process. Would highly recommend working with Alex!

  • Kristin B

    June 21,2018

    he was very helpful during the whole process - answering all of my questions and suggesting ways to improve our loan applicatoin. he was great!

  • Nickolaos P

    June 13,2018

    Alex was great. This was my first home purchase and he was able to make this as easy of a process as can be

  • Panayiota A

    May 30,2018

    Alex was very calm and polite through the entire process.

  • Kaitlin K

    May 19,2018

    Alex helped make our home buying experience totally manageable and easy. He was extremely responsive, and available way outside of normal business hours to accommodate for our crazy schedules. He went above and beyond our expectations and we would definitely recommend him in the future!

  • Brandon D

    May 19,2018

    My wife and I work crazy schedules and Alex was always available (even late) to answer our questions or provide an estimate.

  • Karry S

    May 19,2018

    Very professional. Very quick response time. Not just Alex, but everyone with the company made our home buying experience a breeze.

  • Edwin C

    May 17,2018

    Alex did a great job for us in all areas from managing the entire process to communications with us and the seller on a very complicated transaction. Ed C

  • Sheila S

    May 15,2018

    Alex was not only professional and courteous, He was always available and answered our questions and concerns promptly. He also represented our interests with the seller. We purchased the apartment for our daughter. Baltimore was new to us and we believe that having Alex and his team working on our behalf ensured that this transaction was accomplished. I have already told friends and c Lleagues id you are looking for real estate in Baltimore and need a mortgage broker Alex is the one.

  • SAS

    April 1,2018

    Very responsive to every inquiry. Paid attention to all of the details. He saved us money on our transaction because of his diligence and persistence.

  • mw220

    January 1,2018

    Alex Mavroulis was amazing to work with. He knows what he is doing and he legitimately only wanted to give me the best, most cost effective loan. Alex saved me from making a terrible loan decision with another company that would have cost me A LOT more money on the purchase of my first home. His character was shown by the fact that he did not even care if I worked with him, but he wanted to make sure I presented the numbers he provided me to the previous company I was working with because he did not want to see me waste unnecessary money on a loan that was not a good fit for me. Alex is patient and answers any question and is always available. Thanks so much Alex!!!

  • lisa f

    November 1,2017

    I worked with Alex when buying my first home a couple months ago. He helped me through the entire, months-long process with information and guidance. The thing I liked best was that he presented everything in a casual, non-judgmental way (as I didn't know anything about the lending process), had answers to most of my questions, and when he did not know the answers he got them quickly. He presented options for lending and other services, including those outside of his company, without any pressure to go with him. Alex did a great job in helping me through this process and I would highly recommend him for your mortgage needs.

  • Greg D

    October 1,2017

    Alex and his team at Fairway did an outstanding job finding the right loan for my wife and I. It's hard to believe we waited so long to buy our first home. We live in a resort town, where home prices are constantly climbing, and we had convinced ourselves that owning in town was not a realistic option for us, so we spent years giving our hard earned money to someone else for a rental. After talking to Alex about our budget, he took the time to find options that worked for us, and saved us a couple hundred dollars over the competition each month. In the end, we now have a house to call our own, with a comfortable mortgage payment, and zero buyers remorse. A purchase of this size can be a scary step in life, but Alex and his team were always one step ahead of us in the process, making sure we were on schedule to close and always available if we had questions. Alex is trustworthy, and a straight shooter when it comes to his business and it shows that he truly cares about his clients. I have only the highest praise for him and his team and recommend his services to anyone looking for a loan. Thanks again, Alex! We are loving our new home!

  • pphili2

    July 1,2017

    This wasn't my first home purchase so I've had experience with other lenders prior. Alex is very thorough up front making sure all anticipated documentation is in order. There was no jumping through hoops at the 11th hour trying to get things the underwriters needed to close the loan. The loan process was the smoothest and uneventful process I've ever been through. I will use him again for my future purchases and have recommended him to friends and family.

  • jsgump 9

    October 1,2013

    My wife and I were first time homebuyers and didn't know where to begin. Alex was great at taking the time to explain every little part of the loan process and how to get from the very start to getting the keys to our first home. We've already recommended him several times to our family and friends!

  • user5947021

    October 1,2010

    I first met Alex in 2010 when he refinanced my house when the rates dropped from when I purchased in 2007. He made the process very easy and made sure I understood all my options along the way. I called him last year and he helped me with my new purchase. He was with a new broker, but gave me the same great service from 9 years prior. I would highly recommend Alex for your lending needs.

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