• Reviews for Joanne Hilliard

    Brian K

    September 23,2019

    Excellent experience. Joanne was quick to respond to all of our questions and made the process extremely easy.

  • Enrique M

    August 30,2019

    Joanne has been very helpful and professional throughout the lending process. I would highly recommend her to other future home buyers.

  • Daniel D

    July 20,2019

    Joanne went above and beyond was was expected at each and every opportunity. Without her, it is likely that we would not have been able to finally close on our new home. She is the one you want on your team when buying a home! I will use here again in the future and highly recommend any future home buyer use Joanne on the future purchase of their home.

  • Kathryn M

    July 3,2019

    Joanne was great to work with! She answered any questions I had quickly, and kept my mind at ease during the escrow process.

  • Kevin D

    June 13,2019

    Joanne was always very responsive. I would often have questions come up after hours and she would always get back to me quickly.

  • Nicholas W

    June 7,2019

    Joanne was quick to respond to any questions we had and went out of her way to help up with whatever we needed! She is very nice and great to work with!

  • Meagan B

    May 30,2019

    Joanne made us feel comfortable with the whole process, easy to follow steps and she was always there to answer questions. She made us feel like we were her only clients with the level of support. We would love to work with her in the future.

  • Meagan B

    May 30,2019

    Joanne made us feel comfortable with the whole process, easy to follow steps and she was always there to answer questions. She made us feel like we were her only clients with the level of support. We would love to work with her in the future.

  • Ian G

    May 17,2019

    Joanne was very helpful throughout the entire process. Everything went smoothly from day 1. She seemed to genuinely have my best interests in mind and ensured that everything worked out in my favor. She maintained excellent communication and always kept me in the loop.

  • Howard B

    April 26,2019

    Joanne regularly went out of her way, after hours, and on weekends to help make our process easier. She could be contacted at any time and was always friendly and helpful.

  • David M

    April 22,2019

    Great communication throughout the entire experience! I also liked that she was able to almost match the lowest APR I found and closed FAST!

  • Mary C

    April 10,2019

    Joanne was wonderful to work with. She made the process easy and quick. So glad she helped us refinance our house.

  • Wesley W

    March 22,2019

    Above and beyond Joanne is first responder friendly! Joanne made special arrangements to meet me after business hours to make sure everything was in place for closing. Very friendly and easy to work with for a common goal.

  • Megan C

    March 21,2019

    Joanne was professional, friendly, and responsive. She was genuinely interested in helping us through the process. I will definitely recommend her to others.

  • David C

    March 19,2019

    Joanne was great throughout the process. She was always looking out for my interests and I will definitely go back to her for my next house!

  • Audrey O

    December 19,2018

    Joanne and her team kept us informed through the entire loan process. As first time home buyers - Joanne’s knowledge, professionalism, and eagerness to get us in our home within the 30 day close was much appreciated! She was available to answer any questions we had and her excitement/passion for what she does is apparent. I would highly recommend Joanne and the Fairway team, especially to first time home-buyers!

  • Audrey O

    December 19,2018

    Joanne and her team kept us informed through the entire loan process. As first time home buyers - Joanne’s knowledge, professionalism, and eagerness to get us in our home within the 30 day close was much appreciated! She was available to answer any questions we had and her excitement/passion for what she does is apparent. I would highly recommend Joanne and the Fairway team, especially to first time home-buyers!

  • Nicole K

    September 2,2018

    Joanne worked extremely hard to make sure that we were approved in a short amount of time. While working with Joanne was easy and stress free.

  • Christopher S

    September 2,2018

    Joanne helped us through the process extremely quick and ensured everything was lined up in time for our fast approaching closing date. She made sure all of our questions were answered and helped explain anything that was not clear.

  • Kyle S

    August 28,2018

    Kyle in Virginia

  • Christina B

    May 18,2018

    Joanne was so incredibly helpful. As first time home buyers, most of the process and terminology felt like a foreign language and Joanne was always available to break it down for us. She made an overwhelming process simple and painless. We can’t say enough good things!!

  • Eva F

    April 30,2018

    Personable, can do attitude, was available to answer any question my daughter and I had. Kept us up to date on what was happening throughout the process. Made settlement and the signing of papers a fun experience. This was not my first experience in buying a house but it was the best one. God Bless Her.

  • H L

    April 1,2018

    I highly recommend Joanne Hilliard due to her attention to detail, professionalism and efficiency. I have purchased multiple homes and investment properties, and the lending experience with Joanne was by far the smoothest transaction I've ever had. I especially like her attention to detail on the front end when gathering information at the beginning stages. There were no surprises and we closed on time and very quickly.

  • Kimberly m

    March 1,2018

    Joanne was extremely helpful and guided us through the process as first time home buyers, and was always able to answer questions any time of day! She always let us know what information was needed and helped us with a timeline step by step. I would highly recommend her to anyone else!

  • Mike

    February 1,2018

    Joanne helped us in our unusually long 6 month house hunt, ending in our 4th house finally going to closing. Needless to say she definitely put in the work for us. Joanne was very responsive with any questions we had. She was patient with us with suggestions we had, and took the time to explain the workings and processes in mortgage lending.

  • user1251979

    December 1,2017

    I recently purchased my first condo - I had reached out to a couple lenders, but I instantly clicked with Joanne and decided to move forward with her. THE BEST DECISION. Joanne was with me EVERY step of the way during this journey. She prepped me through all the steps and she would respond very quickly to any questions or concerns. After reviewing my information, she showed me my options and notified me that I qualified for a first-time homebuyer program, which ended up working out great for me. Joanne is kind, professional, and genuine - she’s the exact kind of person you want on your side when you’re going through the mortgage approval process. I was lucky to have had the opportunity to work with her and highly recommend her services!

  • bjturner4

    October 1,2017

    I thoroughly enjoyed working with Joanne and her team. They were very patient and answered all of my questions and reexplained information if I needed it. I would highly recommend her! She also participates in the Homes for Heroes program which you should ask about if you are a teacher, firefighter, policeman, military or in health care. They are some great benefits with this program.

  • hollym90

    September 1,2017

    Joanne is absolutely awesome!! We thoroughly enjoyed working with her as first-time homebuyers. She was recommended by our real estate agent and we couldn't be happier. She got back to us extremely fast and answered all of our questions with great knowledge and patience. We really trusted her and felt like she was not only a lender, but a friend. She added the personal touch we were looking for and we felt completely confident lending with her. We had an issue with a credit score and she worked very hard to not only fix it, but to increase our credit score dramatically and get us a better rate. She was there every step of the way- highly recommend Joanne if you're looking for the best lender!

  • joe c

    July 1,2017

    Joanne was there every step of the way for me. Any questions I had no matter how big or small it was Joanne got back with me right away. I felt like I was a huge priority for her and I couldn't be any more thankful for her professional help. Joanne truly cares about what she does and that's why she the best. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND JOANNE!

  • adamdavidmiller

    May 1,2017

    We were paired with Joanne by the Homes for Heroes program in September. The level of service we received exceeded every expectation we had during the process of buying our first home. Joanne answered every questions with a level of care and attention that made us feel like her only clients. Her determination ensured that we could close our our house in less than 20 days with a VA loan, something that is unheard of in the industry. The rates were competitive but the level of attention we received is what distinguished Joanne. I never knew some could be this passionate about mortgages but we will be forever grateful she was our lender during this process.

  • mpark49

    April 1,2017

    Joanne was with us every step of the way and we received updates via email, which was super convenient. She was even available via text. Recommended!!

  • Mmcdon66

    February 1,2017

    Joanne was extremely attentive to our needs. She was always very quick to respond to any correspondence and made purchasing our home seamless! She was willing to answer any questions at just about any time of the day.

  • moben29

    January 1,2017

    My husband and I were first time home buyers with A LOT of incessant questions. Joanne was so patient with us, thorough in answering our questions and gave us consistent guidance throughout the entire process. Our family talks about how unusually simple our home buying experience was and we owe the kudos to Joanne. When we hear about friends or family looking for a lender, we never hesitate to share Joanne's info.

  • zuser20140528123821970

    September 1,2016

    I could not have done this closing without her. she made everything seem so smooth and easy. She also came to my closing and helped me through everything.

  • Deech72

    August 17,2016

    I couldn't have asked for a better person and experience for my latest refinance. Joanne is a total pro but also is perfect with constant communication-and fast! Any question is answered and a lot faster than you'd expect. I couldn't recommend her highly enough!

  • gregstrickland781

    August 1,2016

    Joanne did an amazing job. Being a first time home buyer she did a wonderful job in explaining the process and assisting me with all my questions. Joanne also did an excellent job on making the process as stress free as possible for me. I would highly recommend her to anyone and will definitely use her services in the future.

  • zuser20150910190152565

    June 28,2016

    I can't say enough positive things about Joanne and her level of service. My husband and I decided to purchase our first home and knew we wanted to work with a Homes for Heroes professional. Joanne took the guess work out of it for us since she is extremely knowledgeable about the veteran's program and how it works. I admit I dragged my feet at first, but Joanne was right there when we started to get serious about our search. I found her work style to be friendly, professional, and reliable. She offered to run numbers for us on any property and always responded promptly. As we continued through the buying process, Joanne assured us that she wasn't going anywhere even though we would be working with her extended team. This was very true. Even now that we've moved into our new home, I get a prompt response if I have a random question. I know she works with many clients and I appreciate her making us feel like we are special. She also helped us save a few thousand on closing through the veteran's program (on top of locking in at a great interest rate)! I would definitely recommend her services to anyone looking for an honest mortgage lender. Her support was invaluable to us.

  • k9wrkg

    June 24,2016

    Beyond all expectations. 100% satisfied.Joanne was positive she could help me get financing, she responded quickly to every request, explained every step and gave me options to chose from. She even came to the closing!

  • mrieger31

    May 30,2016

    Joanne Hilliard is a highly skilled real estate professional. She attended to every issue we had immediately in a most professional way. She introduced my wife and I to the "homes for heroes" program, which provided some really great benefits to veterans and some truly significant savings during the purchase of our new home. Joanne made us feel important and was always quick to respond to phone calls. She went out of her way to get extra information about the home to ensure our comfort in moving forward in the purchase. I truly believe she had our best interest in mind through the whole process. Her "people" skills are impressive. I would highly recommend Joanne to anyone.

  • rmcconna

    April 13,2016

    Joanne and the rest of the Fairway team were more than helpful throughout my entire home buying process! Joanne was always very easy to get in touch with even on her days off if I had a question. They even provided me with a free moving truck and I also saved nearly $5000.00 by using Homes for Heroes!! I can't thank them enough for all they did!

  • ecspikes

    April 11,2016

    From day one Joanne Hillard made it clear, that she was going to do everything in her power, to ensure I had a pain free experience. As a first time homebuyer, I had no idea what to expect or what questions to ask right away, but Joanne was there every step of the way. I am so lucky to have been referred to her and her amazing team.

  • comofamily1975

    March 8,2016

    Joanne handled our mortgage needs during the recent purchase of our house. She was amazing! She was able to find the best program for us to get the best mortgage rate. I would recommend her to anyone.

  • manuelalayendecker

    February 22,2016

    Joanne was great helping us through the VA home loan process. She worked hard to make sure that the process went smoothly despite the holidays being in the middle of the process. She was very responsive to our questions throughout the whole process and was an awesome Homes For Heroes rep!

  • jaquinojla

    February 20,2016

    Joanne Hilliard made our home-buying process seamless! She is upbeat, attentive, responsive, knowkedgeable, and personable. We felt at ease when working with Joanne and knew she had our best interest in mind! Zero delays or headaches, along with a great rate. Thank you, Joanne!Best regards,Jennifer & Matt

  • jenna d

    February 18,2016

    Joanna is the best! It was our first home purchase and we were using a VA loan. Joanna and her team helped us with every detail and every inch of the way through our entire mortgage process. Absolutely dedicated, thorough, and responsive!

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