• Reviews for John Sawall

    Gerald S

    September 8,2019

    John was very friendly and helpful. He also helped us to figure out multiple items at once to compare our overall expenses, along with getting us the lowest rate!

  • Joan R

    July 20,2019

    John always made sure to keep communication open & with quick responses. He was very attentive & if any issues arose, he took care of them quickly or kindly asked us for more info.

  • Kevin B

    June 26,2019

    John was very attentive to all our questions and concerns. He made sure we were well informed with every step of the process and made it a smooth experience.

  • Michael P

    April 3,2019

    John keep me abreast of everything that was going on as week as what was coming up. It was great to not have any surprises.

  • Jeremy E

    March 5,2019

    Great numbers after a bit of discussion and education. Thanks a bunch, new home and not a huge amount to close. J

  • Sheila H

    February 21,2019

    John was very patient and very helpful.

  • Alvaro R

    September 20,2018

    Had all my questions answered and made the process easy.

  • Kevin R

    August 31,2018

    Handled the work perfectly. Took the time to know my situation. Would keep me updated with the loan process and would email me back quickly if I had any questions with the loan process.

  • Savvas H

    August 31,2018

    Works well with first time buyers.

  • Martha H

    July 24,2018

    John kept me up-to-date and "stood" with me throughout the entire process.

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